Create content without paying to producers and labels
NoteShares is a platform designed to connect authors, performers and funders
NoteShares project is a conjunction of labour market and crowdfunding platform.
It is designed for those who want to create, perform and invest in something worthy.
start projects, set tasks and challenges
fulfill tasks and earn money
invest in interesting and worthy projects
NoteShares is a three-part platform
for authors to find performers
for performers to find funders
and for funders to invest in quality content
to make transactions in cryptocurrency fast, simple and secure
Multimedia library
for performers to popularize and sell their products
How it works
А person has created a music track. Now they want to finish it off, and they are willing to pay for this job.
So they create a project as an author and a funder
For example:
Mixing — $50
Mastering — $100
Total — $150
Performers respond to the project and discuss the issue. Project budget is shared between the performers automatically.
In this case NoteShares is a freelance platform where employers find doers without fees and royalties.
An author wants to create a music composition. They write a song, rough out a music track and find a few original hooks that will attract attention. But they don't have a performer and enough money.
So they create a project, set tasks and plan out the budget:
Arrangement — $100
Guitar solo — $100
Vocal — $100
Mixing — $50
Mastering — $50
Merchandise — $500
Total — $900
Performers​ ​​and​ ​​funders​​ ​respond​ ​to​ ​the​ ​project.​ ​Together​ ​they​ ​create​ ​а​ ​music track​ ​without​ ​paying​ ​to​ ​producers​ ​and​ ​labels.​
Authors get their brainchild, performers earn money for something they love to do, funders invest in interesting project, and listeners have an opportunity to listen to а good-quality independent music.
NoteShares is perfect not only for music, but for other types of projects as well. For example, you can use it to create YouTube channel.
A person has a vlog idea, so they create a project as an author and a performer:
Video recording — $300
Moving to another location — $100
Guest — $500
Cutting — $200
Post-production — $300
Total — $1400
Funders respond to the project. The author creates an interesting vlog, which viewers can watch without annoying ads.
NoteShares — is for you:
If you are tired of low grade content promoted everywhere
If you want to invest in something that touch a raw nerve in you
If you dream of promoting your artwork and getting paid for it
If you are in search of performers to bring to life your ideas
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